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    Pandora's Clock



Air Disaster

Plot Summary:

Quantum Airlines flight 66, bound from Europe to New York, is suspected of having a passenger on board who is infected with a doomsday virus. Flight 66 soons finds itself in a difficult situation with no one on the ground willing to let them land, and a terrorist group out to shoot the plane down.


'Panadora's Clock' boasts a cavalcade of TV stars and as such I expected a much better story than the one I was presented with. The basic plot was good and the ending was original. However, I found the shifting between scenes to be erratic and as such found the film difficult to watch. The acting was good across the board but the film was poorly constructed. That aside, 'Pandora's Clock' is still a worthy addition to the disaster fanatics film collection.

Special Effects:

The special effects shots in 'Pandora's Clock' are limited mostly to a few explosions and exterior shots of the aircraft. The explosions were good but the computer graphics aircraft left a lot to be desired. Obviously the producers spent their budget on the stars rather than the effects.


Limited Availability - You will find a Chinese DVD version of the film on Ebay. This version is the original english version with removable Chinese subtitles.




126 mins

Color System:


Screen Ratio:

Fullscreen (1.33:1)


Richard Dean Anderson, Daphne Zuniga


Michael O Gallant


Eric Laneuville


'Doomsday Virus'

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