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Air Disaster

Plot Summary:

An attention-deprived 13 year old girl is trapped on board a private 727 jet after the plane is hit by lightning, rendering everyone else on board unconscious, including the pilots. As the plane heads ever closer to the ground, the authorities plan to hitch the jet to a 707 mid-air in order to get a pilot on board to land the plane.


At first glance 'Airspeed' didn't look as if it would have anything new to offer the air-disaster movie genre, but it does. The dialogue was interesting, and to some extent, realistic. The plot moved along at a believable and still exciting pace and most of the characters were enjoyable enough to watch for the full hour and a half. 'Airspeed' certainly isn't the best I've seen but ranks fairly high for character, and to some extent, plot originality. Better than most.

Special Effects:

The special effects were fairly limited in this film, but still impressive. The initial explosion and decompression were quite believable and fairly exciting. Most of the outer shots of the aircraft were also quite believable, though at times you could tell that a scale model was used. That being said, it's good to see that the producers didn't rely on computer graphics, as they look even more obvious. Nothing new here, but it's still an enjoyable film.


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90 mins

Color System:


Screen Ratio:

Fullscreen (1.33:1)


Elisha Cuthbert, Joe Mantegna


Jeffrey Tinnell


Robert Tinnell



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